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Journey into making a podcast

The journey of making a podcast started with a given theme for Making a Social Media Unit for Deakin University. The topic presents the main structure of crowdfunding processes. In the podcast, I talked about the definition, historical roots, types of crowdfunding, types of platforms, advantages, and challenges. It was easy to find information since there are so many examples of campaigns. The point of democratization is revealed through the advantages that come along with crowdfunding.

To record the podcast, I learned to use the new software Audacity. I was able to mix tracks, cut and edit, and implement Creative Commons licensed music. It feels rewarding to learn new programs, especially in a field that I do not come across very often. It helped to edit all unwanted sounds and sound effects for smooth listening. Unfortunately, I did not have the right gadgets to record it properly this time. The awareness of sound is still present in me. Enhancing the quality of sound with the right equipment would make a big difference for a podcast. My main challenge was the outside sound. I mean a cacophony of sounds when living in the bush. There is no escape from insects so you might hear them retelling in the background.

Professional-retro-microphone—dj-headphones- by Ilmicrophono Oggiono, 29 January 2014, CC BY 2.0 DEED

The intro is the most important thing to set the mood and capture the attention of the audience. Those first 30 seconds of the podcast can be crucial to hook the ears or loos the fish completely. Also, I wanted to sound relaxed and be myself to reflect my personality. As well as music that I used to create it. I was looking for particular emotions and sounds to guide my words using Soundcloud and Free Music Archives licensed music libraries.

 To find information for a podcast I had a dive into Deakin University library resources. As a scholarly source, I used the book “Crowdfunding; Fundamental cases, Facts, and Insights” to draw on the definition, advantages, and challenges that come with this method. And an article “From friendfunding to crowdfunding: Relevance of relationship, social media, and platform activities to crowdfunding performance” to demonstrate the psychology around the donation method. In this topic, I wanted to show that the crowdfunding concept is not new. As well as the pros and cons that come with putting your project out there for the public. I wanted to make it fun and informative as I would present it to a broader public, knowing that they might hear it in the future. It was hard to fit in in 7 minutes limit.

Overall, adventuring on a new road to podcasting for the first time is a thrilling experience that holds immense potential for self-expression and connection opening doors to engage with the audience. I gained new skills in audio recording and editing, did great research for a topic, and found the right music. In the end, it is all about having fun, creating, being authentic, sharing my unique voice, and overcoming challenges.  I feel confident in conquering new areas and keen to try fresh experiences. I hope it can inspire someone to do something new today.



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FreeSound: Wow1 by Alivvie CC0 1.0 DEED

FreeSound: Concert audience applause 5 by thaighaudio  CC0 1.0 DEED

Professional-retro-microphone—dj-headphones- by Ilmicrophono Oggiono, 29 January 2014, CC BY 2.0 DEED


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