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Nike is Trailblazing 3DoOh in Tokyo: Transforming Advertising with Innovation

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The new era of DoOH is blowing everyone`s minds. Seriously, consider holding onto your head tight with both arms! Nike is once again striving for innovation with 3DoOH in the heart of Japan. It is a twist in the perception, presentation, scale, and transmedia storytelling.

In the WARC article, Payne (2018) describes oOH (aka out-of-home) and DoOH (aka digital-out-of-home) as the widest audience reach of all types of promotions and being the oldest form of advertising. It has the ability to cut through a clutter of noise and overload of information that surrounds people in a busy city.

I have one word – ASTONISHING! The 3D billboard placed on the corner of the building in central Tokyo showcases Nike Air Max illustrated by RTFKT in flowers, eyes, as a hoover shoe, a reptile, an angel and devil polarity, and modelled on a Clone X a female character with pink hair. Who is not familiar with RTFKT, would be surprised to find out that it as a Fashion/SHU/Product metaverse. The sheer size of the billboard creates surreal feeling, as it is so huge that it may feel like it could fall on the heads of people passing by. The broad audience receives a wide array of options for the upcoming release of 2023 limited-edition sneakers designed by the legendary artist Takashi Murakami. And where else in the World would you pioneer the use of technology like that?

“It``s big, it`s bold and everyone will see it” a quote by Moldrich the CEO of OMA (Marketing Mag 2016). It is immersive, captivating, and a bespoke winner of attention. The large format screens for DoOh catch 35% more attention than other type of oOH (Mumbrella 2023). And Your attention is a brand` s wealth. Attention economy - a term first used by Goldharber in 1997, describes consumer attention as a resource, and triumph comes to those who bring attention to their story (Payne 2018).

Emily Bartlett. (2022, February 1). the Hero, Sparkol Blog
Emily Bartlett. (2022, February 1). the Hero, Sparkol Blog

Nike portrays itself as courageous, determent, a new path builder, and a pursuer of the truth. The archetype of The Hero, whose story is consistently inspire people to push their limits and overcome obstacles. It speaks the truth about the hardship of rising above challenges through athletes` stories and stays authentic to the image of triumphant. As Sachs (2012) explicitly talks in his book Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell (and Live) the Best Stories Will Rule the Future, telling the truth and staying authentic creates a myth that everyone believes in. And Nike has been doing it successfully for the last 50 years.

In addition, brand values are clearly communicated through the 3DoOH campaign as innovative, bold, authentic, versatile, and diverse. Nike is positioning itself to the top of the market with a persuasive message to reach its loyal audience and attracting new customers through the use of innovative technologies, a spectacle, in a collaboration with RTFKT the leader in metaverse sneakers.

As a person who is far removed from digital utopias and gaming I anticipated that Nike might be selling their shoes for Avatars. It blew my mind when I discovered that Nike`s products in the RTFKT metaverse were for sale to the online customers as high as $400 and maybe more. Do you think it is an evolution of material products and brands? Have you come across 3DoOh yet? Let me know in the comments below.


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