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Patagonia tells the story of the environmental activism. Not just a clothing brand.

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Fitz Roy, Patagonia
Mt Fitz Roy, Patagonia by Hyperbeast, 17 February 2018 CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Patagonia – a sound of wind through the snowy peak mountains or a benchmark of sustainable clothing brand and role model for business? One must stand atop Fitz Roy`s peak to see a universe founder Yvon Chouinard created over 50 years ago.

In Patagonia`s multifaceted storyworld, we explore a traditional legacy media. Traditional legacy media comprise TV, print, letters, books, oOh, newspapers, and radio. According to Statista (2024) books remain in high demand among the global population. ‘The New Fish: The Truth about Farmed Salmon and the Consequences We Can No Longer Ignore’ is the latest book published by Patagonia Books.

The New Fish
Simen Sætre and Kjetil Østli (2023) The New Fish: The Truth about Farmed Salmon and the Consequences We Can No Longer Ignore by Patagonia books.

Both authors are investigative journalist who delved deep in 5 years research on GMO salmon from Norwegian, Canadian, American, Chilian, Swedish, Australian, and Icelandic fisheries. It is nonfiction story with characters uncovering stirring revelations in the fish farming industry.

Through nearly 50 published books, Patagonia tells a story of environmental activism and connects to its core story of a brand that deeply cares about the environment, activism, sustainable practices, the outdoors, nature conservation, and the enthusiasm of explorer. Books have become a tool that brand loyalist can use to share the story and participate in co-creative narrative (Tenderich 2014).

The brand stepped away long time ago from on-way communication and planted many seeds to tell their chronicle with engaging and participative approach. ‘The New Fish’ is linked to the 'Artifishal' film, an article in Roaring Journal, and Water People podcast that show a coherent storytelling across different transmedia channels.

In practice, participative consumers co-create brand`s storyworld by contributing their research, achievements, creations to Universe where others like-minded individuals can learn, act, inspire, change, and teach about mindfulness and effects of global industries. Transmedia storytelling embodies brand`s values and becomes the brand itself (Giovangoli 2018).

As a first wave of Millennial generation, I stand along with those who care about the environment and make improvements that are possible to me. As a parent raising a Gen Alpha daughter it is highly important to me to pass on the knowledge that will contribute to the improvement of the current conditions for the good of all. 53 % of Millennial parents believe that Gen Alpha will help solve problems that were created in the past (Gilmour 2023). Patagonia has been a part of solution since the beginning and a leader in conscious consumption by choice.

I believe, brands that foster individuality, resolution, informal education, mental health, and playfulness will be in high demand in future years (Gilmour 2024). We exercise our vote with our investment power. Where would you put your vote? Consider, be mindful, think of what is yet to come.


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