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Rewriting Brand Narrative: Corona`s Environmental campaign makes a Global Splash

Updated: 4 days ago

To uncover more than just a Cannes Lions-winning campaign, Corona`s transmedia storytelling ventures beyond the depths of the ocean, moulding our perception of the world around us. Purposeful, breathtaking, emotional, and uniting - let`s dive into it!

This award-winning campaign showcases real-life stories of fishermen from Mexico, Brazil, China, South Africa, and Israel. Corona partnered with Oceana to launch the “Fishing Plastic” campaign. And “Plastic Fishing Tournament” has begun.

Corona`s Environmental Campaign impact so far
Corona`s Environmental Campaign impact via Official Page

On that day, local fishermen set out on their daily routes to fish not for fish, but for plastic – accommodated, of course, by some Coronas. Fishermen shared their perspectives on what would it be like to have oceans with-out plastic. As a Brazilian fisherman stated, “There are more plastic in the sea than fish”. The reward awaited them back on the shore: the winner with the most amount of plastic collected. Some fisherman made a monthly wage in one day. And others were connected to local recycling programs, where they could sell the plastic and, in some cases, earn more what they typically would in a day by selling fish (Ormesher 2021). It was a tribute to solidarity.

via Official Page
Corona`s Slogan for the Campaign

This is the moment when Corona, Mexican beer company, forever change my perception of the brand. While it is easy to overlook the fact that people working for the company may be as passionate about the world as I am, Corona continues to build active brand loyalty by fostering the sense of shared values. They do this by going into marginalised communities and connecting on more meaningful level. In the Hayes` hierarchy of needs (2011), company aims right up high and helps to boost esteem by giving a chance to become leaders and winners to those who might be overlooked by the social structures. Furthermore, by empowering people for purposeful action, Corona contributes to self-actualisation.

Garry Hayes "The Transmedia Hierarchy of Needs"

As mentioned earlier, consumer consider various touchpoints when purchasing a product. These touchpoints play a crucial role in decision making process (Court 2009). They represent how individuals interact with elements of the brand. When a brand makes you feel like you are a part of something bigger and that you can make positive change by being a hero, it creates an unforgettable end-to-end experience. In the abyss of information, Corona focuses on brand authenticity and advocacy, resonating with consumers who stand together as activists for the planet. These sustainability events are ongoing long-term strategy with continuous engagement with consumers who supports their mission.  

Check your own plastic impact with Corona App

Corona `s transmedia storytelling continues to be persuasive through the stories of surfers, artists, and scientists through exquisite short films about the ocean and makes a global splash in the field of environmental campaign. Check out their partnership with Ocean Generation for more community engagement and the beach clean-ups. Do you resonate with the activist story? Do you see yourself to be involved in a climate action campaigns? Let me know in the comments!


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